Retrieve from memory

What’s the difference between reading a book many times and retrieving new learning from the book from memory? The difference is the effort required.  Firstly we need to avoid the ‘illusion of competence’. It’s easy to confuse recognition with recall. But recognition is very different from recall; recall requires effort to actively retrieve something out of memory. Retrieving is much harder and requires effort.

That’s why we make mnemonics [ni-mon-iks] . The mnemonics gamify the effort required to retrieve from memory. Our mnemonics blend fun tactile play with online support. Young learners hardly know they are making an effort to retrieve from memory because they are fully engaged both physically and mentally. Ideal for parents and home tutors helping young readers.

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Each book has a unique set of mnemonics. The mnemonics are used across a variety of physical and digital media. The mnemonics help young readers retrieve new learning from books. Our aim is to help young readers practice retrieving from memory so they build the skills needed to be confident spontaneous communicators.